Illegal street racing stories are NOT currently permitted on the SVX World Network.

The founder, administrators, and moderators of the SVX World network do not support/approve/endorse/or condone any form of illegal street racing on public highways or roads. 
With this said, there are a select few who race their SVX's in legitimate competitions of speed, skill, and performance including NHRA amateur and professional quarter mile, SCCA, and autocross. These events all take place at race tracks where additional safety standards are mandatory to prevent or lessen the chance of non-participating civilians from injury or death. We ask that as a courtesy  to everyone else driving on public roads (and in accordance with the law), please do not put us, our families, friends, or other loved ones at risk by attempting to prove something that can be legitimately done at the track.

Unless a change to the acceptable posting policy is adopted to allow such stories, SVX World Network members that post stories will have them removed and the posting member warned privately. If it comes to our knowledge of any SVX World Network member being involved in an accident or causing an accident due to illegal street racing, their membership here will be permanently revoked (if the member didn't die in the crash).  

In memory of the Perfect Family:
On May 7th, 2005, a new family of three was violently slain as a pick-up truck driven in excess of 100 miles per hour slammed into their Subaru Outback.
When a competition of speed on the highway turned into road rage, 23 year old Tony and Stephanie Perfect and their 5 week old baby Zoe, were killed. The crash was so violent that the seatbelts were torn from their mounting metal points. 

A 45 year old male driving the truck is in custody and being charged with three felony counts of vehicular homicide. In addition he is being charged with road rage and DUI (2nd offence). Considering the charges against him and his age, his usable life will be over by the time he gets out of prison. 22 year old university football star is also involved as he was driving a Mustang side by side and engaged in the road shenanigans with the pick-up driver. The sheriffs office has also recommended three counts of felony vehicular homicide against the university football star. If found guilty as well, his promising life will also be worthless.