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This site is dedicated to the memory of Commander John C. Waldron and the men of Torpedo Squadron 8, and to all others who gave their lives to preserve that liberty which some are now trying to take away from us.
"We here highly resolve that these honored dead shall not have died in vain".

October 1, 2015

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Seatbelts, anyone?
(Photo courtesy of France2TV)

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Crash test, anyone?
(Photo courtesy of KTLA, Los Angeles)

We have hundreds of these pictures, but we like to post  new ones from time to time just to show we're not talking about ancient history. The accident on the left took place in France on August 10, 2015.

"Posterity! You shall never know how much it cost the present generation to preserve your freedom. I hope you will make good use of it." President John Adams, l797. He's talking to you, folks.

United States Congress: The House and Senate have passed H.R. 719 as amended by senate amendment S.2689,  to keep the gravy train rolling until December 11. We managed to find a copy of the bill, but they don't make it easy for you. As far as we can tell, that includes funding the Highway Traffic Murder Administration and the Highway Traffic Murder Grants at the current level. They're spending more than a trillion dollars a year of your tax money on more than a thousand special interest groups, most of which you never heard of. The reason they get away with it is because people don't read the bills. Read P.L. 113-235 and find out what they're doing with your tax money.

The vote in the senate was 78 to 20 and in the House 277 to 151. The good news is that the republicans in the House voted against this bill by 151 to 90. This is a stinging rebuke to the leadership and indicates that most republicans in the House are sick and tired of business as usual. In the senate, all those who voted against the bill were republicans, while 31 republicans and 47 democrats voted for it. For what it's worth, that great conservative presidential candidate, Marco Rubio, did not bother to vote on this irresponsible, pork barrel abomination.

Volkswagen:  We have read the statements, including the "Notice of Violation", issued by EPA and CARB (the California Air Resources Board). You can find these statements at and   When you strip away all the excess verbiage, the government's whole case rests on Ms. Hebert's extremely unlikely assertion (read the language) that Volkswagen "confessed". She's not even sure exactly what it is that they confessed to. These statements are basically exercises in propaganda and public relations. They are not serious legal or technical documents. The best way to describe these statements would be to say that they are grossly misleading. From a legal point of view, one could not say that they are lies, although Ms. Hebert's assertion that Volkswagen "confessed" may be an out and out lie. We don't know, because we weren't there and so don't know what was actually said. But Ms. Hebert's claim that Volkswagen confessed by quoting the statute is absurd.

These statements are designed to create a false impression. They are an attempt to mislead the public. But  it is more serious than that, because  they are an attempt by the U.S. Government to inflict a huge frame-up on the Volkswagen Corporation.  The government has published no evidence that Volkswagen has violated any law or committed any crime. The criminals in this case are CARB and EPA, who are trying to create an impression in the minds of the public that Volkswagen has committed some terrible crime, so that they can fine them hundreds of millions of dollars, just like the government did to General Motors with the "defective iginition switch" scam.

Resignation of the Speaker. The resignation of Speaker Boehner of the United States House of Representatives opens up the possibility that the House, may in the future, take a harder line against NHTSA. We would like to see representative Mica restored to his former positiion as chairman of the transportation committee, and to see his H.R. 7 of 2012 revived. But it's much to soon to know what is going to happen. Here too we'll just have to wait to see what develops.

NHTSA: Here's how NHTSA works:

1. NHTSA mandates that some dangerous, crackpot invention be installed in all new cars.

2. NHTSA spends hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to bamboozle the public into believing that this is a good idea.

3. NHTSA rigs the accident reporting system to keep the truth from coming out.

4. Somebody makes a lot of money and more people die.

Legislative update: Note: We have moved more of our 2015 legislative information to leg 2015

United States Senate: H.R. 22 (update).  We added up how much additional money this bill would give to NHTSA, and it comes to $4,529,388,000.  Most of this money is just waste, but where it used to force people to use seatbelts and booster seats, or forces the automobile industry to install dangerous, crackpot inventions in new cars, or forces them to make design changes that make cars less safe, or pays for propaganda that bamboozles the public into doing something which is liable to kill them, it is tantamount to murder. In addition, $180,193,000 of it goes for police state harassment. 

In addition to the authorization of appropriations, this bill contains an incredible mass of lunatic verbiage in sections from 34101 to 34434. Reading this stuff makes you wonder if these people are really quite sane. They have created this fantasy world for themselves in order to justify their existence. But where the language gives NHTSA the authority to harass, interfere with, and even fine, automobile manufacturers, it is not just harmless lunacy. We are glad to see Chrysler standing up to them (see below).

The senate passed  H.R. 22 as amended by the McConnell amendment, no. 2266. The vote was 65 to 34.  You can find the text of the amendment   by going to, clicking on "active legislation" and then "H.R. 22". We goofed. Amendment 2266 did contain the highway traffic murder grants in the amendment when it was introduced. It was in section 34101, not in section 73101, which merely contained the extension for the rest of fiscal 2015. We cannot find the grants in S. 1647 however. It looks like both senator Inhofe, the chairman of the senate committee on the environment and public works, which introduced S. 1647, the original multiyear extension of highway spending authorization introduced in the senate this year, and senator Thune, the chairman of the senate commerce committee, which has jurisdiction over NHTSA, were both opposed to the extension of the highway traffic murder grants.

United States Congress: H.R. 3236, a bill  which would extend highway funding until October 29, has been passed by the House and the Senate and sent to the president for his signature.  The bill extends the highway traffic murder grants, the grants for police state harassment, and the cynical  grants for "research", on pro rata basis. And so NHTSA will continue to get their blood money, the auto safety racketeers will continue to rake in the billions, and Americans will continue to be maimed and killed by seatbelts, air bags, booster seats and other crackpot imbecilities mandated by  NHTSA.

Report of the DOT Inspector General on NHTSA: We read the report, which you can find by going to, scroll down to the link to the inspector general's office, and then click on the link to the report. The report does not say that the emperor is not wearing any clothes. Instead it says that the emperor's taylor is doing a poor job. Distinguished senators responded to this by saying they are not going to vote to give the emperor's taylor any more money until he gets his act together. We live in a strange world. But it's the end result which counts.

News Item: NHTSA is trying to fine Chrysler $104 million dollars for standing up to NHTSA's phony recall orders. We congratulate Chrysler for their courage and fortitude. They are an example and an inspiration to the rest of the auto industry. We would urge Chrysler to tell the bastards to go to hell. NHTSA is standing on very shaky ground. They would be wise not to push it.

NHTSA: We are starting to see short ads and "public service announcements" promoting seatbelts, something we have not seen in some time. This is undoubtedly the work of the new NHTSA administrator, Mr. Rosekind. Mr. Rosekind is like something out of Jurassic Park, trying to bring back the past. 

United States Senate: The senate leadership decided to make H.R. 22 "the vehicle" for a multi-year highway authorization bill. Readers may wonder why the senate doesn't just go ahead and pass S. 1647. Why do they need "a vehicle"? The answer to that is that H.R. 22 has already passed the House, albeit in a completely different form, and if the senate agrees on a highway bill they would send H.R. 22 back to the House in the form of an amendment, which is easier (i.e. quicker) for the House to deal with than if the senate sent them an entirely new bill, even though the amended version of H.R. 22 would, in effect, be a new bill. If this makes no sense to you, don't worry. In the arcane world of congress, this is how business is done.

On June 24, 2015, the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee reported out S.1647, a bill "to authorize funds for Federal-aid highways and highway safety construction programs, and for other purposes" through fiscal 2021. So far as we can tell, the bill does not authorize any funding for Chapter 4 of 23 USC. It does, however, continue current funding through September 30, 2015; that is, to the end of the current fiscal year. The bill is sponsored by senator Inhofe, the chairman of the committee, and co-sponsored by senator Boxer, the ranking democrat and former chairwoman of the committee, and senators Vitter and Carper. The fact that the bill is sponsored and co-sponsored by two republicans and two democrats would indicate that the bill has bi-partisan support. This is a hugely important bill, but efforts to extend highway construction programs over a period of several years have proved difficult to pass in the past, although they do sometimes get through. So the fate of this bill is uncertain, but we shall continue to keep and eye on it.

United States Congress: Putting the cart before the horse, the House has passed H.R. 2577, an appropriation bill to fund DOT and HUD for fiscal 2016. The bill does say that the appropriations are contingent on the enactment of an authorization bill, which is nice of them. They are not always so scrupulous. The bill passed the House on June 9, 2015 by a vote of 216 to 210. As the Duke of Wellington said, it was a damn close run thing. The democrats called the bill "a fraud and a sham" and voted against it by a margin of 179 to 3. In addition, 31 republicans voted against it. The democrats voted against it because they thought it appropriated too little. The 31 republicans voted against it because they thought it appropriated too much.

    The bill would continue to fund the highway traffic murder grants at the current rate. The total included  for this purpose comes to $686,500,000. Of this amount, $125,000,000 is for "research and development" under 23 USC 403, $235,000,000 is for 23 USC 402, $272,000,000 is for 23 USC 405, $29,000,000 is for "High Visibility Enforcement" (paying the police to harass the public) and $25,500,000 is for "administrative expenses". In connection with the amount appropriated for "research" it might be pointed out that NHTSA has ignored all research findings for the last 49 years, resulting in thousands of deaths and severe injuries.

In his statement on the bill, Chairman Rogers of the House Appropriations Committee said, "In fact, safety was a priority throughout this bill - and that is evident in the funding levels. For instance, the Highway Traffic Safety Administration receives $6.5 million more than last year". Readers of this website will know how to interpret this statement. Mercifully, $6.5 million represents less than one percent of the total appropriated for NHTSA,  but blood money is still blood money.

    The corresponding senate bill is S.2438. This bill is similar to H.R. 2577, except that instead of $125,000,000 it appropriates 133,500,000 for "research" under 23 USC 403. This bill was approved by the transportation subcommittee of the senate appropriations committee on June 5 by a vote of 29 to 1 but has, apparently, not been reported out.

    The House bill is now located in the senate appropriations committee. The House Transportation Committee can still refuse to authorize the appropriations for NHTSA. It is not entirely hopeless. They have tried before. It may come as a surprise to the average citizen, but there are many decent, honorable people in the House. We shall continue to follow this matter and let you know how it turns out.

United States Congress: There was a hearing on April 29, 2015, at 2pm. eastern daylight time, in the Subcommittee on Highways and Transit of the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure of the United States House of Representatives, on "The future of commercial motor vehicle safety". Most people are unaware that there is a federal agency, called The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which is getting $572 million dollars of your tax money in fiscal 2015, of which $259 million is for administrative expenses and $313 is for grants. In other words, they are living high off the hog while giving away your money. (There are, in fact, hundreds of federal agencies that most people never heard of, which is why they continue to thrive, like worms under a rock ). FMCSA is sort of the sister agency of NHTSA, focusing on commercial trucks rather than cars. One of the topics which was considered at this hearing is "The role of federal regulation".  The video is archived so you can watch it by going to and then committees, Transportation and Infrastructure, subcommittees, Highways and Transit.

Utah: HB 79 (see below) was signed  by governor Herbert on March 23. The governor did not have to do this. If he had done nothing the bill would automatically have become law on March 31. The governor's action indicates that he is more concerned about the good will of the state police than about interests of the people of Utah. Septimius Severus said, "Pay the army and despise everyone else".

According to federal law, once the state law goes into effect, the state can then apply for a grant under 23 USC 405. Under normal procedure it would then take the bureaucracy several months to process the application before Utah actually gets the money. At that point the state would then be required to begin the massive police harassment campaign called for in the statute. But such words as "according to the law" and "normal procedure" don't mean a whole lot in this case, since the whole process has been characterized by lies, fraud, deceit and corruption from day one. It will be interesting to see at what point, and to what extent, the Utah state police actually carry out the harassment campaign called for in the statute  (23 USC 405 (a) (1) (A) and 23 USC 405 (b)).

Utah HB 79: In a tragic day for Utah, and for the United States, the Utah state senate, on March 10, 2015,  sold out their constituents and passed a primary seatbelt law. THE BILL WAS PASSED WITHOUT DEBATE UNDER SUSPENSION OF THE RULES, MEANING THAT THERE WAS NO SECOND READING AND THE ONLY VOTE WAS ON FINAL PASSAGE. Sadly, no one rose to object to this unspeakable outrage, which was an assault on both the liberty and safety of the people of Utah. We don't know what went on behind the scenes. Clearly the fix was in. Apparently, NHTSA offered them the entire $45 million they got this year under 23 USC 405 (but see below). The vote in the state senate was 16 to 11 with 2 not voting.  We thank the 11 senators who voted against this bill.

The passage of HB 79  is almost certainly due to the new NHTSA administrator, Mark Rosekind, who is under pressure to "do something" and one of the things he decided to do was to resume the 33 year old effort to get states to pass primary seatbelt laws. Think about this. They've been trying to do this for 33 years! This is what the government is doing with your tax money. For 33 years they have refused to listen to the experts and continue try to force this blood-soaked scam on the public. The amount they got for fiscal 2015 for this purpose was around $45 million and it seems they offered the entire amount to Utah. So far, Utah won't even mention it, but the truth will out! They sold out their constituents for $45 million. But wait, there's more.  To get the money they had to add $11 million of state funds and use the entire amount to promote seatbelts and booster seats. Police seatbelt roadblocks, police seatbelt patrols, "high visibility enforecement", "paid media advertising" (i.e., using your tax money to brainwash you into doing something which is liable to kill you) and on and on. Poor Utah! Read 23 USC 405, section (b), "Occupant Protection Grants". It will make your head spin.

One of the provisions of the bill is that the fine may be waived if (the violator) "shows evidence of completion of a 30 minute course approved by the commissioner of the Department of Public Safety that includes education on the benefits of using a safety belt". The "Department of Public Safety" is, of course, the police. Since there are no benefits to wearing a seatbelt, and since wearing a seatbelt puts the wearer at increased risk of serious injury or death in the event of an accident, the requirement is surreal. But that was one of the requirements to obtain a grant. So the police are supposed to "educate" you in order to convince you of something that is not true. It is straight out of George Orwell. This is what the nation that was "conceived in liberty" has come to.

We might just add that they used to have a requirement to "educate the public about the benefits of air bags", but after air bags had killed hundreds of motorists, many of them children, they took that out. Since seatbelts, like air bags, have in fact killed thousands of motorists, one can only presume that they have been more successful in keeping the public from finding out about seatbelts than about airbags.

HB 79 was approved by the Business and Labor Committee of the Utah state senate by a vote of 2 to 1 on February 24, 2015, as near as we can tell from the audio. One of the witnesses stated that this bill was necessary for public safety. She said this in a low, deadpan voice, apparently reading from a prepared text.  She said this as though she didn't think anyone would actually believe it and appeared embarassed at having to make such an absurd statement. The audio was very faint and hard to understand. Since there are six members of the committee and only three voted, this means that either only three attended the meeting or only three voted.

The senate committee report is the shortest we have ever seen. It merely says that the committee approved the bill. No list of witnesses, no rational, no testimony, no vote totals, nothing.

         The chairman of the committee, Curtis Bramble, is listed as floor sponsor of the bill in the senate.  It is now clear that NHTSA made Utah this year's target state. We read the fiscal note for this bill and it's a bad joke. The note says the state government could collect an extra $3,600 a year in fines if they pass this bill, and local government could collect an extra $27,000 a year from "fines and surcharges". There is no mention of how much NHTSA offered the state to pass this bill.  Under the revised 23 USC 405 they are allowed 16% of the total appropriated for that section for "Occupant Protection Grants", which, under continuing resolution (omnibus spending bill) for fiscal 2015, works out to roughly $45 million dollars. It's likely they offered Utah the entire amount. They would not be trying to fast track this bill and ram it through if they hadn't been offered big bucks.

        The vote in the House committee is now listed as 3-1-3, but in the audio we hear the chairman say 2-1. No indication as to which members voted for, against or abstained. We listened to some of the testimony in committee on HB 79. The first witness was, presumably, the sponsor of the bill. His presentation was basically a con artist's pitch, but not one that would fool anyone who was intelligent, or stopped to think, or knew anything about the subject. He said there was no financial motive for this bill because it waives the fine for the first "offense". He didn't mention that the reason they are doing this is because NHTSA has offered them millions of dollars to pass this bill;  he said those who do not wear seatbelts threaten the safety of others, but the reasons he alleged were demonstrably false; he said driving is a privilege, not a right, but offered no legal basis for this assertion, nor did he explain what it has to do with forcing motorists to wear seatbelts; he described what he claimed were the effects of seatbelts in two accidents, but his claims were at variance with the entire body of research on this subject, and were, therefore, most unlikely. He said most states now have a primary seatbelt law and therefore Utah should haveone too. He said passing this bill would make Utah safe, and that would create a business friendly climate. He even had the gall to say he wan't doing this for the money because the bill would waive the fine for the first violation! He spoke very rapidly so as to give listeners no time to think about the false claims he was making, attempting to create a  psychological effect. He was quite belligerent about it. His general tone was "I am a police officer and if you dare question my claims I will beat you up". We have heard all these phony arguments many times before. They were originally made up by NHTSA many years ago.

        Let us review again what is going on here. Patty Murray, in her capacity as chairwoman of the U.S. Senate transportation subcommittee of the senate appropriations committee, which has jurisdiction over NHTSA's budget, ordered NHTSA to promote primary seatbelt laws "aggressively and with zeal" and   "not to rest until every state has a primary seatbelt law". For that purpose she wrote billions of dollars into the budget for NHTSA to use to bribe states to pass primary seatbelt laws. NHTSA has been quite successful in carrying out her orders. As a result, thousands have died.

(For further reflections on this point, read our little essay why.rtf or why.doc)

        The Utah House of Representatives passed HB 79 by a vote of 41-32-2. The bill  is deliberately worded so as to be as confusing as possible. Some of the members may not have realized what they were voting for. It is the usual trickery by the seatbelt scammers. It's about the only way they can ever get any of these bills passed.
        HB 79 was sent to the Rules Committee on 1/26/2015. The Rules Committee assigned the bill to the Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Committee on 1/29/2015. HB 79 would make Utah's seatbelt law primary. Introduced by representative Lee. B. Perry, 1/15/2015. Perry is a police officer. He has tried this before.
        HB 79 was considered by the Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Committee on February 17, 2015 and on the floor of the House on February 18,2015. We read the information on the committee meeting and watched Mr. Perry's presentation on the floor. In the committee it was the same old NHTSA stage play that we have seen so often before over the last ten years; the same cast of characters reading the same script with the same old falsehoods and absurdities. The principal witnesses are always the state police chief (or commissioner) and the commissioner of the highway or transportation department, or their representatives (they go by different names in different states). The reason these people always show up at the hearings and read these scripts, or "talking points", is  because they have to do this for the state to get the federal grants under 23 USC 402. Then there are usually two false witnesses pretending to be ordinary citizens but are really NHTSA stooges reading from the same script. Some of them are hired professional actors and they give some really great performances. Also usually present are persons claiming to represent independent private groups which usually turn out to be phony front organizations funded and controlled by NHTSA.
        We also watched and listened to Mr. Perry's presentation on the floor. It was really depressing to have to listen to the same old litany of falsehoods and absurdities we've heard so many times before over the last twelve years. We actually obtained a copy of NHTSA's "talking points" that they hand out to the witnesses, state officials and legislators five or six years ago, but NHTSA has now been trying to force this blood-soaked scam on the American people for more than thirty years.
        It's hard to know why 42 legislators decided to sell out their constituents and vote for this unspeakable abomination. One reason might be one of the tricks that NHTSA uses, which is to flood legislators with letters, emails and phone calls purporting to come from their constituents but which, in fact, come from NHTSA. It's possible, for example, to set up local phone numbers which ring in Washington, D.C., but the person calling them would have no way of knowing that, and would think it was a local number. Also, it's no problem for NHTSA to obtain local addresses, since they have almost unlimited funds (of your money). Several years ago, a colleague told us that some of these campaigns were being run, not by NHTSA itself, but by a company hired by NHTSA, called Campaigns on Demand, Inc.

        SB 129, introduced by senator Luz Escamilla, would make Utah's seatbelt law primary for drivers under 19 years of age on highways with a posted speed limit of over 55 mph. Sent to "agencies for fiscal impact assessment" on 2/3/2015. It looks like the seatbelt scammers are up to their old tricks. This ploy is know as "gradualism". They say "oh, we only want a slight change, a minor adjustment". Then they come back each year and ask for more "slight changes" until the law is primary for everyone, everywhere, and violators are arrested, as happened to poor Gail Atwater in Texas. No further action on this bill as of 2/16/2015.

NHTSA: The Highway Traffic Murder Administration has a new "administrator" (which is what they call the head of the agency). His name is Mark Rosekind and he is a psychologist. So far as we can tell from researching his background, he has never had a tech course in his life, thus continuing NHTSA's tradition of never had an administrator confirmed who knew anything about automotive engineering or technology.

Mr. Rosekind can compare notes with his opposite number at IIHS who is also a psychologist. Since NHTSA and IIHS are always promoting the same scams at the same time, an interesting question is, which is the tail and which is the dog?

Note: The 113th congress being now history, we have moved all of our 2014 legislative information from the front page to leg2014 .


sv4.JPG (131914 bytes)

seatbelts anyone?


INCE WINS! The judge on June 19 dismissed the case against Cecil Ince for not wearing a seatbelt. Mr. Ince stated that he was disappointed that the case did not go to trial as the jury, if presented with the evidence, could have nullified the state law. Nevertheless, this is a fine victory. We urge everyone who gets a seatbelt ticket to follow the example of Mr. Ince and demand a jury trial.  If you lose, appeal. You dont need a lawyer. If states know that every time they issue a seatbelt ticket they are in for a long legal fight, they will be less likely to do so.

The jury trial of Mr. Cecil Ince, of Irvine, Texas, on charges of not wearing a seatbelt, was scheduled for 8 a.m. on June 19 in the Municipal Court of Irvine, Texas, 305 N. O'Connor Road, Irvine, Texas. For more information on this case, see his messages and our responses in our messages folder. See more_messages .

CHRYSLER FIGHTS BACK! For the first time in more than thirty years a car company stood up to NHTSA and refused a recall order.  When NHTSA falsely claimed that certain Chrysler made cars had some defect and demanded that they recall 1.4 million vehicles, Chrysler refuted the claim and refused the order. Ever since Phil LeBeau broke this story on June 4, 2013 it has been back and forth, with some reports claiming that Chrysler had caved in  and agreed to recall 2.7 million cars, while the reports on June 19, 2013 claim they have now agreed to recall 1.5 million cars. Whatever the final outcome, Chrysler stood up and fought back.

We urge the other car companies, next time they come after you, to follow Chrysler's example and fight back. Yes, NHTSA has the legal authority to destroy you. But NHTSA has a long record of dishonesty and incompetence and so stands on shaky ground. Don't take it lying down. Stand up to the bastards!

LEGISLATIVE UPDATES FOR 2013: Note: Our reports on legislative activity in 2013 have been moved to leg_2013

SEATBELTS KILL AGAIN (AND AGAIN, AND AGAIN): Toronto Star, Sunday, March 31, 2013. "A.J. Blugerman, 16, was trapped (by his seatbelt) in the back seat of the Acura MDX. He died later in hospital.....The vehicle's roof was roughly one metre (about three feet) below the surface of the water....He (police constable Mills) tried to cut the (seat)belt with a fire fighter's knife but was unsuccessful". We are not told if the car was upright or upside down, but cars usually turn over when they go into water because of the buoyancy of the tires.  It reminds one of the case in Idaho where two babies, trapped upside down in their booster seats with their heads under water, drowned even though the water was only three feet deep. Of course more people burn to death because they can't get their seatbelts open after a crash when their car catches fire. But most people who are killed by seatbelts die when the lap belt bursts their intestines or the shoulder belt breaks their neck. Regardless of how they die, they usually die slowly and horribly. There has to be a special place in hell for the bureaucrats and politicians who are responsible for this.



newaccident5.jpg (213436 bytes)

Seatbelts, anyone? Doesn't look much like the dummy tests, does it.
(Photo courtesy of Boise County Coroner and Idaho Statesman)


The Comet, North Hertfordshire et. al., UK. October 18, 2012. "A young mother of one was strangled to death by her own seatbelt after her car flipped and left the road".

Just as brain surgery is better performed by brain surgeons than by bureaucrats, so cars are better designed by automotive engineers than by political science majors from Goucher College. Congress needs to abolish NHTSA, repeal 49 CFR 571, repeal 23 USC 153,  402 and 405, repeal subtitle A of Title I of Division C of P.L. 112-141, and establish a nationwide recall program to get the seatbelts, air bags and booster seats taken out of our cars. Until they do, Americans will continue to die needlessly on our highways.

drown.png (145966 bytes)

Seatbelts anyone?

The lady in the car was trapped by her seatbelt when her car went into the water. Based on the government's own data, approximately 340 people die this way every year in the United States. This is only a small percentage of the total number of people who are killed each year by their seatbelts, or because they are wearing seatbelts, but it's not a small percentage to the people who die this way, or their families.



france2-5-28-12.jpg (32345 bytes)

seatbelts anyone?
Doesn't look much like the dummy tests, does it. This accident took place in France on May 27,  2012.
(Picture courtesy of france2 TV)

france_4-13-2012.jpg (42906 bytes)

Seatbelts, anyone?

This accident took place in France on April 13, 2012. Doesn't look much like the dummy tests, does it.
(Picture courtesy of France2 TV)

lacrash_4_16_2012.jpg (193768 bytes)

seatbelts anyone?

This accident took place in Los Angeles on April 16, 2012. Doesn't look much like the dummy tests, does it.
(Picture courtesy of KTLA-TV, Los Angeles)

More accident pictures below. Note: We have many such pictures and get more all the time, but cannot post them all due to space limitations. This is what real fatal accidents look like. For more, see below and visit our picture gallery

From a resolution passed by the Virginia state senate (S.J.Res. 194), February 23, 2012: "Whereas Jason Benning and Joshua Moore ran back to the vehicle, where they saw a baby strapped in a car seat behind the drivers seat; each of them opened a back door and attempted to wrestle with the car seat to get the child out, struggling with the seatbelts while flames were coming through the dash, until, finally, the boy was removed from the car and carried to safety". Unfortunately, heroes like Benning and Moore are not usually present in such cases.

Legislative updates:

Note: We have moved the legislative updates regarding the state legislatures for the 2012 legislative season to leg_2012. For earlier legislation, see leg2008.htmleg2009.htm

Accident Reports:

Seatbelts kill again (and again and again): Los Angeles.  "The mother who was badly burned after she was struck by a hit-and-run driver...has died....the SUV clipped Taylor's car....the car then flipped over and slid about 20 feet before catching fire...Taylor was able to crawl out of the burning car but was unable to save her 9 year old daughter....Both were wearing seatbelts at the time..."she's rolling in pain, on fire and her skin is falling off....I thought it was a horror movie"...Taylor had burns over 95% of her body, including her lungs." As she lay there in agony she was forced to listen to her daughter's dying screams. Compare this to the roll-over accident below in which neither the mother nor the child were wearing seatbelts, and neither was seriously injured. For the full story, visit,0,2030482.story

Los Angeles, California: "KTLA News 10:09 a.m. PDT, September 29, 2011 NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (KTLA) -- A woman was arrested early Wednesday on suspicion of drunk driving and child endangerment after allegedly flipping her car with her 4-year-old daughter inside. Police say Lisette Gonzalez Avakian, 35, was driving along the 5900 block of Whitnall Highway at around 2 a.m. Wednesday when she crashed into two parked cars and flipped over. Paramedics found the girl inside the car but not in the car (booster) seat."  The woman was not in the car when the police arrived, having walked away. The fact that she was able to walk away even though the car was badly crushed indicates that she was not wearing a seatbelt. There is no mention in the report that either of them was injured. Notice that this accident, like 84% of all roll-over accidents, was a single car accident which resulted from reckless driving. (Drunk with a four-year-old in the car at 2 a.m.!)

Malibu, California October 1, 2011 (CBS news). "One person was killed and another suffered severe burns when a vehicle overturned and caught fire on the Ventura freeway in Malibu. The woman was rushed to the hospital with burns over 80% of her body".  The victims would have been wearing seatbelts. (If they had not been wearing seatbelts, you may be sure the police would have pointed this out). Imagine what would have happened if a child in a booster seat had been in that vehicle.

Highland Park, CA. August 26, 2011:

"The driver of the second vehicle collided with the rear of the first vehicle. This caused the first vehicle to catch on fire and eventually become fully engulfed in flames. The 1 (sic) year old passenger of the first vehicle became trapped in her car seat as a result of the collision. Attempts were made by the involved parties and witnesses to remove the child from the vehicle but they were overcome by the fire and unsuccessful in their attempts. The child sustained fatal injuries".

Note: Under California state law, all children under six year of age must be strapped into a death-trap seat when riding in an automobile. Thanks to California state law, the mother was forced to watch her child burn to death.

Safety Choice Technical Report: On the Effect of Seatbelts in a Real School Bus Accident. schoolbus.doc, schoolbus.pdf


hawaii_3-26-2012.jpg (24125 bytes)

seatbelts, anyone?

This accident happened in Hawaii on March 25, 2012. Five killed. Doesn't look much like the dummy tests, does it.


carcrah.jpg (170190 bytes)

seatbelts, anyone?

This accident took place in Los Angeles on August 1, 2011. The car was struck by a passing motorist as it emerged from a parking lot. The car was split in half and caught fire. The occupants were burned beyond recognition.
Doesn't look much like the dummy tests, does it.
(Picture courtesy of KTLA-TV, Los Angeles).

Alert: NHTSA, having increasing trouble corrupting state legislatures, is now going after small town police chiefs.

Messages: We dont usually post messages any more but we received two on March 4 which we thought we would post. Regarding the one from Florida, you may recall that Florida resisted NHTSA for years, but each year NHTSA upped their bid. When NHTSA raised their bid to $35 million, the legislature decided to sell out their constituents and take the money. We fought them every inch of the way but lost. This was when Jeb Bush was governor and Marco Rubio was speaker. To read the messages, click here


Reports: For your convenience we have put all the links to our reports on a single page. Click on REPORTS above.


Safety Choice Coalition Technical Report: "On the Effect of a Shoulder Belt in a Collision Involving a Longitudinal Deceleration". This report addresses the question at issue in the case of Williamson vs. Mazda Motor Co. (see below).
scourt.doc  scourt.pdf

Supreme Court decides Williamson case: ( Supreme Court of the United States has decided that the Williamson family has a perfect right to sue the Mazda Motor Co. for not putting a shoulder belt in the middle rear seat of their mini van. The decision reads like something out of Alice in Wonderland. The decision quotes at length from the various imbecilities put out by NHTSA on seatbelts and air bags over the years. There is no mention in the court's decision that none of the people who put out these statements had the vaguest idea what they were talking about, that none of them were qualified in the field, that experts from the auto industry repeatedly warned them seatbelts and air bags were dangerous, impractical devices that were going to get a lot of people killed. In summary, the government forced Mazda to put seatbelts in their cars. As a result, Williamson was killed by her seatbelt. The Williamson family, instead of suing the government for having murdered Thanh Williamson, is suing Mazda for having complied with the government regulation.

Seatbelts, anyone? "Williamson... died in a 2002 accident; her family says her body jackknifed around the lap belt, causing fatal injuries". (From Williamson vs Mazda, before the U.S. Supreme Court). We dont usually post such stories anymore because seatbelts kill people every day and have claimed thousands of victims.  But published stories seldom admit that the victim was killed by her seatbelt, because of government propaganda, so we though we would post this one. Of course she did not die because "her body jackknifed around the lap belt". She died because of the force of the belt on her abdomen, in accordance with Newton's second law of motion.   You can read the transcript of the hearing on this matter at  
Scroll down to 08-1314, Williamson vs. Mazda and click on the link.   The plaintiffs complain that no shoulder belt was available at Williamson's seating location. If Williamson had been wearing a shoulder belt, she would have most  likely have suffered three fatal injuries instead of one: burst intestines, crushed chest and broken neck, depending on how fast the shoulder belt locked. Williamson would almost certainly be alive today if she had not been wearing a seatbelt, a fact which seems to have escaped the distinguished justices; or perhaps they do not consider it relevant.

Here's a little item you might be interested in: According to an article published in the Helena Independent Record on January 21, Montana state senate bill SB 42 would strengthen Montana's drunk driving law. The sponsor of the bill, state senator Shockley, was arrested two days earlier for drinking while driving.

Only 17 states now do not have a primary seatbelt law for adults. These states are Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Massachusetts, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakokta, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming and New Hampshire. Of these four, Missouri,  Utah and Vermont, have primary seatbelt laws for drivers and passengers under 18 (15 for MIssouri and 19 for Utah), thus placing the most vulnerable at risk. New Hampshire also has a primary seatbelt law for those under 18.

The smaller the number of states without primary seatbelt laws becomes, the bigger the bribe NHTSA can offer each state. Thus, states which have resisted smaller bribes may sell out their constituents for larger ones. For example, Florida, which held out for years, finally succumbed when NHTSA raised their offer to $35 million. (This was a republican state legislature with that famous conservative, Mario Rubio, as Speaker).  Texas, where governor Rick Perry has threatened to secede to escape the clutches of the federal dictatorship, has one of the worst seatbelt laws and one of the most vicious enforcement campaigns in the nation.   So the danger is very real.

        There is a lot more at stake here than just seatbelt laws. What is at stake here is the power of the government to regulate every aspect of our lives. Such power would be unacceptable even if government were honest and competent. Since it is neither, such power endangers not only our liberty and property, but our health and safety as well.  If we do not not finally draw a line in the sand and say "enough",  our liberty and safety will continue to be eroded by an arrogant, corrupt and incompetent government, greedy for unlimited power.


dec12_10.jpg (27638 bytes)

Seatbelts, anyone? This accident took place in Los Angeles on December 12, 2010. Three died. This is what real fatal accidents look like. Doesn't look much like the dummy tests, does it.,0,2825106.story

"People are tired of being pushed around, tired that we aren't smart enough to know what is good for us, that the only solution is the government, when it isn't the government that knows anything!" Posted by "Mario" on FOX News.

As a result of government interference in automotive safety there is now enough sodium azide in the cars on our highways to kill every man, woman and child in this country.

Driver, trapped by seatbelt, burns to death:
Based on our analysis of the government data, approximately 1,000 Americans burn to death this way every year; but such stories seldom make it into the papers because the police get paid by the federal government to promote seatbelts.

New NHTSA tactic. Since most state legislatures are now wise to NHTSA's tricks, NHTSA has adopted a new tactic of going after local government, where politicians may be less sophisticated and where a million dollar bribe may sound more impressive than at the state level. Thus, you may be driving through a small town in a state that does not have a primary seatbelt law and find yourself being pulled over for not wearing a seatbelt and fined $100 because the local town  council has passed a primary seatbelt law which applies only to that small town. One can see how this type of law would be a gold mine for a small town and the million dollars NHTSA would give the local police department to enforce it would loom large. We hope that after the mid-term election most politicians will not vote for this type of law, but everyone needs to keep an eye on their local city council to make sure this doesn't happen in their town.

Oct28_2010.JPG (55203 bytes)

Seatbelts, anyone? Doesn't look much like the dummy tests, does it. This accident took place on October 27, 2010. (Picture courtesy of France 2 TV).



fr2scrsht1.JPG (54482 bytes) fr2scrsht2.JPG (50654 bytes)

Attachez votre ceinture? This accident took place in France on October 11, 2010. (Pictures courtesy of France 2 TV)


We don't usually post messages anymore, but we thought we would post this one, which gives some interesting historical information. Link to messsage


stillno4.JPG (69294 bytes) stillno5.jpg (57508 bytes)

Seatbelts anyone? Doesn't look much like the dummy tests, does it.
This accident took place in Los Angeles on September 29, 2010. (Pictures courtesy of KABC, Channel 7, Los Angeles)

NHTSA commercial. A new NHTSA commercial says that "seatbelts are only safe and effective if properly used". It sounds to us like they're getting ready to blame the victims.


RVCap1.jpg (48656 bytes) RVCap[13]5.jpg (42068 bytes)

Seatbelts anyone? To see what real fatal auto accidents look like, visit our picture gallery. This one took place in Los Angeles on June 23, 2010. The driver was trapped in the vehicle and burned to death. (Pictures courtesy of KABC Channel 7, Los Angeles, California).

Government  intervention in automotive design and automotive safety has now cost the American people over $100 billion dollars and over 50,000 dead. Bear in mind that they have been at this since l963 and the FARS data base lists over 1.4 million victims. Seatbelts and air bags alone have cost the American people over $102 billion dollars just in the last ten years alone.  That's just the direct cost of these devices, not including the cost of the injuries and fatalities they cause. (See abpr6).The number of dead has to be based on an analysis of the available data, because the government has been careful to cover up the cause of  death of the victims.  They have even gone so far as to x out the death certificate numbers in the FARS data base. But there is enough data there to give one a pretty good idea of what actually happened.

Based on the government's own data, how many vehicles do you think have been involved in fatal accidents corresponding to the dummy test scenario? Would you believe none? We first looked in the data for 2001. We set the filter for front end collision with a wall at less than 36 mph. Unfortunately, the data does not give the angle of the collision. Thus our criterea could include a front end collision with a wall at any angle. Out of the 57,918 vehicles involved in fatal accidents that year, none, repeat none, corresponded to the set criterea. Just to make sure it wasn't a fluke, we ran the filter for the 2008 data. This time, out of the 50,430 vehicles involved in fatal accidents that year we came up with five, 5 that is, which corresponded to the set criterea. However, the instruction manual specifically states that all front end collisions are to be included, even if the front end only grazed the wall. Thus there is no evidence that any of the five hit the wall at a right angle. Yet most of NHTSA's "safety" criterea are based on this scenario.

Airbag Progress Report 10: In this report,  abpr10.doc, abpr10.pdf,  we extend the functionality of our computer program and include system delay, which increases the chance that the motorist will be struck by the air bag.

Air Bag Progress Report 9: How much explosive power does an air bag have? The short answer to that is "enough to kill you". More specifically, a driver's air bag has four times the power of a shotgun shell, a passenger air bag sixteen times the power of a shotgun shell.  To learn more, read our latest air bag progress report, abpr9.rtf   abpr9.pdf  abpr9.htm

Air bag report 8: The fatal flaw in the air bag theory (abpr8.doc , abpr8.pdf , abpr8.htm ). The fatal flaw in the air bag theory is pretty much the same as the fatal flaw in the seatbelt theory (puzzle1). Of course there are many fatal flaws in both of these theories, but what these tech notes show is that even in the unlikely scenario on which these theories are based, they are still fatally flawed.

Air bag progress report 3: Revised and updated. To see the latest version, click here 
Air bag progress report 6: How much has the government's interference in auto design and auto safety cost the  American consumer? Would you believe over a hundred billion dollars? Check out this report
Air bag progress report 5: Here we show, from the government's own data, that front air bags are set off in numerous cases by side impact and even rear end collisions, proving that air bags are set off by shock. If you have a late model car with six air bags and two seatbelt pretensers, all eight charges can be set off at once by an impact, which is a really scary proposition. So much for "smart air bags". To see the report, click here.
Air bag progress report 4: Read and find out what the government is forcing the auto industry to put in our cars. Click here
Airbag progress report 2. This is to keep you posted on our ongoing investigation into the effects of airbags. The findings were a shock even to us, and we're pretty cynical. To see this progress report, click here:
Airbag theory:   We took a look at the NHTSA seatbelt dummy videos and did a little calculation to see what would happen if the test vehicle was equipped with air bags instead of seatbelts. This isn't meant to be a scientific paper or anything. Just some preliminary results we thought we'd share with you for whatever they might be worth. To see the results, click here (By the way, in case any of you are wondering why it seems to work in the NHTSA and IIHS videos, if you look closely you notice that in some they've replaced the accelerometer with a contact detonator; in others they've rigged the seatbelt to hold back the dummy until the bag has inflated;  in one the bag even starts to inflate before the test vehicle has collided with anything! All of these videos are faked in one way or another. Apparently, they can't even make it work in the lab).

Seatbelt theory. Any physicist can show you the fatal flaw in the seatbelt theory in five minutes on the back of an old envelope. See puzzle1 solution.

Picture Gallery: Check out the new pictures in our picture galley. We have many more, but you get the point.

Threats and bribes: Here is what it says in 23 USC 402 (c):

"Funds apportioned under this section to any State, that does not have a highway safety program approved by the Secretary or that is not implementing an approved program, shall be reduced by amounts equal to not less than 50 per centum of the amounts that would otherwise be apportioned to the State under this section, until such time as the Secretary approves such program or determines that the State is implementing an approved program, as appropriate. The Secretary shall consider the gravity of the State’s failure to have or implement an approved program in determining the amount of the reduction. The Secretary shall promptly apportion to the State the funds withheld from its apportionment if he approves the State’s highway safety program or determines that the State has begun implementing an approved program, as appropriate, prior to the end of the fiscal year for which the funds were withheld. If the Secretary determines that the State did not correct its failure within such period, the Secretary shall reapportion the withheld funds to the other States in accordance with the formula specified in this subsection not later than 30 days after such determination."

10th amendment? United States Constitution? Oath of office? This is the kind of power congress has given to Mr. Ray LaHood.

Police State  Gestapo by order of congress: You think we're paranoid? Read what it says in S.1072, later passed by the congress as the SAFETEA Act of 2004:

Section 4110 (c) REQUIRED STATE PROGRAMS AND ACTIVITIES: Subsection (1):
"CHECK POINT SATURATION PATROL PROGRAM: A state program to conduct a series of high-visibility, statewide law enforcement campaigns......either through the use of check points or saturation patrols......A state program meets the requirements of this subparagraph only if a state organizes cooperation with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration"
There. Don't you feel safer already?
"Required state programs and activities"? Where in the constitution does it say that congress has the authority to "require state programs"? This kind of legislation is specifically barred by the 10th amendment to the constitution. But we forget. The constitution is now "quaint and outmoded" and "an 18th century document with little relevance to the modern world". As for the oath of office to uphold the Constitution of the United States, "mere words of no importance".

New Video:
Check out this video: Notice how the steering wheel has been driven back against her body so that she is trapped under the steering wheel. This means she hit the barrier at about 30 mph when the barrier gave way. Had the barrier not given way the steering wheel would have been driven into her body and she would have been killed. This is what a real auto accident looks like. Compare this to the dummy test videos.

Legislative updates (continued):

Note: We have moved our 2010 legislative updates into leg2010.

Check out these videos and ask yourself what would have happened if a child had been in the back seat strapped into a deathtrap seat:    (Doesn't look much like the dummy tests, does it.)     (Doesn't look much like the dummy tests, does it.)        (Doesn't look much like the dummy tests, does it.)     (Doesn't look much like the dummy tests, does it.)

More than a thousand people burn to death this way every year in the United States, based on the government's own data ( mainly because they can't get their seatbelts open after a crash.


Fun with air bags: The best remark we have heard about air bags so far came from a spectator after watching an air bag blow a stove to smithereens. "Holy shit!" he exclaimed, "you mean they put those in cars?" To watch the fun, visit

By the way, we have   learned that azide, like nitro-glycerin, can be set off by shock. That may explain why air bags blow up in some rear end collisions (according to the FARS data base) when they aren't supposed to. Of course that would defeat the so-called "smart air bag" computer programs, since these would only work if the bag is set off by the computer, not by the shock. We are continuing to investigate this matter.

NHTSA administrator. David L. Strickland is the current NHTSA administrator. Mr. Strickland is a lawyer who majored in political science as an undergraduate, thus keeping intact NHTSA's record of never having had an administrator who knew anything about highway safety. Mr. Strickland is a former congressional staffer, thus continuing the practice of past  congresses and administrations of appointing congressional staffers to head government agencies. Mr. Strickland was on the staff of the senate commerce committee, which, over the years, has been instrumental in trying to force the seatbelt scam on the nation.

Dramatic accident videos:    and

    These videos bring to life the full horror of what happens in accidents where the vehicle catches fire. Such accidents are not rare. According to the FARS data base, in 2001, 1339 vehicles caught fire as a result of collisions or rollovers with fatal consequences,  in which 1629 vehicle occupants lost their lives. In 2005 the numbers were  1444 and 1766 respectively.
    Actual accident reports (see our seatbelt victims file) indicate that vehicle occupants almost invariably have trouble opening their seatbelts after  a severe collision or rollover.  In case of fire, unless the occupants are first crushed to death or killed by their seatbelts,  they almost invariably burn to death unless someone is around with a knife to cut them free before it is too late.
    Notice that in the videos, while no one mentions seatbelts, in the second video you can hear one of the rescuers shout "Get a knife!", which pretty much tells the story.
According to the FARS data base, since l996, when every state but New Hampshire had enacted a primary or secondary seatbelt law, approximately 19,600 vehicles have caught fire as a result of collisions or rollovers with fatal results, with approximately 23,800 fatalities.

No seatbelt saves lives: From Driving Freedoms, January/February 2010: "I know of someone who lived through a T-bone precisely because he was not wearing a belt. The incoming car punched through the driver's side, continuing clear through the center of his car and, had he been belted in, he would have been crushed. He was unhurt because of being unbelted and thrown to the passenger side of the car".( Letter from Warren Woodward)

Idaho tells NHTSA to go to hell: Representative Barrett tells us how NHTSA called her up and threatened to withhold $2,000,000 dollars in federal highway funds if Idaho did not pass a motorcycle helmet law. The legislature refused and the feds sent Idaho the money anyway. The moral of this story is: If you stand up to the bastards they will back down.

Atwater vs. Lago Vista: In all the long history of seatbelt litigation, perhaps no case is more important than the case of Atwater vs. Lago Vista
(532 US 318 (2001)). In l997, a gentle lady, Mrs. Gail Atwater, driving her kids home from soccer practice, was arrested for not wearing a seatbelt and subjected to verbal and physical abuse by the police. Neither before, nor after her arrest, did Mrs. Atwater do anything to bring this on, only asking the officer politely to please lower his voice as he was screaming at her, as he was frightening the children. You can find the full story by clicking on this link: LagoVista
    After four years of appeals and hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees, Mrs. Atwater's case reached the United States Supreme Court, which ruled against her 5 to 4 in a split decision. The majority opinion was written by Justice David Souter, who is, mercifully, no longer on the court. The minority, dissenting  opinion was written by Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, who has also retired. Justices Stevens, Ginsberg, and Breyer, all of whom are still on the court, joined Justice O'Connor in dissenting. In writing for the majority, Justice Souter not only ruled against Mrs. Atwater, he basically spit in her face. We would urge everyone who is interested in this issue, and who thinks they can obtain justice in the courts, to read Justice Souter's opinion. You don't have to read all of it. It's all in the same vein so after a few pages you pretty much get the idea. We know it's hard going, we know it will make you sick,   but it's a real eye opener and well worth the effort. You can find it at

The case starts on page 416 and Justice Souter's opinion starts on page 421.

Police lie about ejections, again: June 24, 2008. CBS News: "A U.S. Postal Service Worker was killed in a crash Tuesday in a crash involving her postal service truck and another vehicle.... Maria F. Gutierrez...died at the scene....Los Angeles police officer...said Guttierez was ejected from the truck...(U.S. Postal Service spokesman Larry Dozier) insisted she was not thrown from the truck.

Same old story: February 1, 2008: "Man, 22, killed in expressway rollover crash...Joshua Eugene Fuller was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash...failed to negociate a curve and lost control....Fuller was wearing a seatbelt, according to the Riverside County Coroner's Office". Note: if Fuller had not been wearing a seatbelt, he might have lived.

No seatbelt saved Tiger Woods: According to an Associated Press report out of Orlando, Florida, Woods smashed into a tree at 30 mph. Woods was not wearing a seatbelt and was not seriously hurt. Had he been wearing a seatbelt he would almost certainly have been seriously injured or killed (see Corzine accident and Puzzle no. 1 below).

Same old story, again: CBS News, 2008 (note: we are trying to get an exact date for this one) "Man, 23, killed in rollover crash... single vehicle rollover-crash...driving at 80mph to 90 mph...according to (CHP Police Officer) Low, who said the victim was wearing a seatbelt".  Note: This is a typical rollover fatality. Single vehicle accident, excessive speed, reckless driving. Type of vehicle not specified but probably an SUV.

Mandate alert: It looks as though the NHTSA mandate to put automatic stabilization systems on all new cars by 2011 still stands. In addition to driving up the price of new cars, these devices represent a clear and present danger because if they malfunction, as some of them will, they can throw a car out of control and cause a serious accident. These devices are advertised as preventing roll-overs, but we know from the government's own data that roll-overs happen mainly to drivers driving vans and SUVs in a reckless manner. There can, therefore, be no justification for forcing these devices on the entire motoring public.
    New video: They say California is the future. Take a look at what the future looks like if we don't stop them:

California motorcycle helmet stop

Note: We edited this video to show only a small part of the stop. The "criminal" was actually detained for about a half hour. The arresting officer obviously thought that anyone who would wear a motorcycle helmet which did not, in his opinion, conform to California state law, must be a dangerous criminal, and so he called for backup. The backup officer made his contribution to the proceedings by glaring at the offender in a hostile and threatening manner while the first officer was filling out the paper work, taking photographs, and going through all the other lengthy procedures necessitated by such a serious crime.

The police are doing this because the California state legislature passed a motorcycle helmet law. The reason they passed this law was because they received massive bribes (federal grants) from NHTSA for doing so. NHTSA did this because they were ordered to do it by congress. Congress ordered them to do it because they received massive bribes (campaign contributions) from the insurance industy. The reason they did it in this roundabout way was because they hoped we wouldn't be able to trace it back to them. Otherwise they could just have passed a federal motorcycle helmet law.

The police state at work. If you don't know what "primary seatbelt law" means, take a look at this video. (Remember, if you get in an accident wearing a seatbelt, your seatbelt can kill you).

Congressional interference in highway safety has now cost the lives of around 40,000 Americans. Because of bureaucratic lies, cover-up, fraud and deceit, the exact number will never be known. But that the number is large is not in doubt. This is what happens when legislators think that we the people are children and they are our parents. Politicians are not necessarily smarter than the rest of us. A little humility will go a long way toward preventing this kind of thing in the future.



While congress continues to appropriate money to force Americans to wear seatbelts, Americans continue to be killed by seatbelts.

School bus accident: Idaho Statesman, September 24, 2009. "...On Wednesday,  the 17 year old senior (Heckathorn) died when his pickup truck hit a school bus head-on....Police chief said   neither the bus driver nor any of on the school bus were hurt...It does not appear that excessive speed was a factor...ISP Captain Steve Richardson said...Heckathorn was wearing a seatbelt and his airbag deployed, according to ISP (Idaho State Police) reports". Note: As usual, the report does not say what the cause of death was. Heckathorn could only have been killed by one of three things: The seatbelt, the air bag, or being crushed to death as the truck was stove in. Because of the great difference in momentum between the school bus and the pickup truck,  the rate of deceleration of the bus would have been much less than that of the truck, crushing the truck and even pushing it backward (or aside), depending on the speed of the two vehicles, which is not specified. Needless to say, none of the kids on the bus were wearing seatbelts, since there weren't any.  If the bus driver was wearing a seatbelt, we're willing to bet you he has a tummy ache, at the very least. For the full story, visit

Seatbelts kill: NewsOK, the Oklahoman, and KXII Channel 12 News Oklahoma, November 10, 2009. Dale Bannister, 73 was fatally injured when his car, a 2008 Chrysler, went off the road, struck a guard rail, rolled over twice and hit a bridge support. Bannister was wearing a seatbelt. Note: If the car rolled over twice, Bannister must have been travelling at a high rate of speed when his car left the road. He would have been fatally injured when the roof caved in, crushing his skull and breaking his neck. The seatbelt would have acted like an anvil, holding his body in place as the roof caved in.

Seatbelts kill: (from myspace, November 14, 2009) "Police suspect (that Carey) fell asleep at the wheel on October 21, 2009, causing him to overturn the Jeep Wrangler (he was driving). The belted (Sean K.) Carey died  at the scene as a result of his injuries, according to Idaho State Police". (Carey was killed when the jeep fell on top of him, crushing him to death. If he had not been wearing a seatbelt he would have been thrown clear and would almost certainly have survived.),_causing_it_to_overturn

Seatbelts kill: (from the Del Valle News (Texas), October 21, 2009) "Edwin Aviles....failed to yield to a Chevy van....the van struck Aviles...who was pronounced dead at the scene. (Aviles) was wearing a seatbelt, DPS officials said. The driver of the van was not injured." (If the driver of the van had been wearing a seatbelt, you may be sure that the police would have said so, and he would have been seriously injured.)

Seatbelts kill: (from Richmond Times Dispatch, October 26, 2009) Jeronimo Mendez, drunk and speeding, crashed into a sign and was killed. Medez was wearing a seatbelt, police said. For the full story, visit

Ejections save lives: (from NewsOK, The Oklahoman, November 10, 2009). Nicole Venegas was driving her pickup truck down the street at a high rate of speed when she struck a group of parked cars. The truck became airborne, flipped over, and landed on its top. Four of the five occupants were thrown out (they were probably riding on the bed of the truck) and survived, but Venegas remained in the truck and was killed (No doubt she was crushed to death when the roof caved in). The survivors were taken to a local hospital and treated (which sounds as though their injuries were not serious). For the full story, visit

Collision in South Dakota: A Toyota pickup truck driven by Richard Chell collided with a Jeep Cherokee driven  by Nicholas Helgeson. Helgeson was uninjured, Chell was killed. Guess which one was wearing a seatbelt. That's right, Chell, who was killed, was wearing a seatbelt. Helgeson, who was uninjured, was not.  For the full story, visit

Head-on collision in Minnesota: In one car the driver was wearing a seatbelt and a small child was strapped into a booster seat. In the other car neither of the two occupants were wearing seatbelts. Guess who died and who survived. That's right - the driver wearing the seatbelt and the child in the booster seat were killed. The two men who were not wearing seatbelts survived. Police claim that one of the two survivors was "ejected" and taken to the hospital "in critical condition". The other suffered only minor injuries. We are always suspicious of police claims of "ejection". We've seen too many that turned out to be false. For the full story, visit

Boise mother backs over toddler: (Boise TV 2 news flash, November 4). No, this isn't last week's. This is a new one. That's the second one in as many weeks, that we know about, both likely the result of the mother's visibility being blocked by the government mandated head-rests.


Mother backs over toddler (ABC news headline). You have to wonder how many others have been run over because the driver's vision was blocked by the government mandated headrests. The trouble with the people who write these mandates is that they are just plain stupid. They don't stop to think.


alg_taconic.jpg (54416 bytes)

Crushed to death

taconic2.jpg (91613 bytes)

Burned to death - trapped by their seatbelts and booster seats

This accident took place on the Taconic State Parkway on Long Island, New York, On July 26, 2009.


    As you may recall. "highway traffic safety grants" is a euphemism for bribes paid to states to force their citizens to use seatbelts, booster seats and motorcycle helmets, as demanded by the insurance industry. It's rather interesting that they no longer mention air bags.  Apparently, after air bags had killed hundreds, and probably thousands, of motorists, it finally dawned on them that air bags are not a good idea. Since seatbelts have killed more people than air bags, one has to wonder why they have not given up on seatbelts as well.

To see how much the insurance industry is paying members of congress, visit

Seatbelts, air bags, booster seats and other crackpot inventions were sold to the insurance industry by NHTSA, which was created by congress, who in turn were bamboozled by Ralph Nader and Joan Claybrook. It is a real chicken and egg situation. NHTSA was created by congress on the urging of Nader and Claybrook, who sold congress on these crackpot schemes. Under subsequent NHTSA administrators, however, it was congress which ordered NHTSA to continue promoting these scams.

The insurance industry has played a large part in promoting these so-called "safety laws" (bicycle helmet laws, motorcycle helmet laws, "personal floation device laws", booster seat laws, seatbelt laws, air bag laws, etc.), thinking it would save them money. The irony is that these laws are costing the insurance industry money, not saving them money, because seatbelts, air bags, and booster seats cause, not prevent, severe injuries.

Insurance companies responsible for seatbelt coercion? It now seems that it is the auto insurance companies who are behind the campaign to force motorists to wear seatbelts. They apparently believe that if they can force everyone to wear a seatbelt it will save them money. They got this silly idea from IIHS, who got it from NHTSA, who got it from Congress, who got it from Joan Claybrook, who probably got it from the same guy who thought Corvairs were prone to roll over. 

It might be a good idea if everyone wrote to their insurance company at this time and asked them to stop promoting seatbelt coercion. Here are the addresses of the principal auto insurance companies:

Mr. Edward P. Rust, Jr., President
State Farm Inusrance Company
1 State Farm Plaza
Bloomington, IL 61710-0001

Mr. Thomas J. Wilson, President
Allstate Insurance Company
2775 Sanders Road
Northbrook, IL 60062-6127

Mr. Stanley W. McNaughton, President
PEMCO Insurance Company
325 Eastlake Avenue East
Seattle, WA 98109-5466

Mr. Olza M. Nicely, President
GEICO Insurance Company
5260 Western Avenue
Chevy Chase, MD 20815


Seatbelts, anyone? New Haven Register, June 16, 2009. "... David Servin died at the scene and Krakowski...died a short time later after being extricated from the car. ....The car was so badly crushed we thought it was a hatchback of some kind...The way the car was mangled, that police car had to be going really fast" (The victims were hit by a police car).

Seatbelts, anyone? The Guardian, UK, July 1, 2009: "Girl, 14, rescued after plane crash...only survivor...told her father how she was thrown clear...(only injuries were) a fractured collarbone and cuts and bruises to her face"

More seatbelt fatalities:

New Haven Register, June 16, 2009. "(17 month old) Montez Turner, Jr. died in the crash when the Ford Escape in which he was riding flipped over" This child almost certainly died because it was strapped  into a booster seat. You may be sure that if the child had not been in a booster seat, the police would have mentioned it. The booster seat elevates the child and holds it in place, thus guaranteeing that the child will be crushed to death when the roof caves in. (For further information on what booster seats do to children in roll-overs, see puzzles 2 and 3 below).

Tulsa World, June 9, 2009:   "....Salter died in a one vehicle collision...when his 2002 Freightliner left the road...and struck a tree. Salter was wearing a seatbelt (state troopers) said". Note: A Freightliner is a big truck. We don't have enough crush data on big trucks to know if Salter was crushed to death or killed by his seatbelt. If he was not crushed to death, he was almost certainly killed by his seatbelt. If he was going 40 mph or less when he hit, he would most likely have survived, had he not been wearing a seatbelt.

Colusa County Sun Herald, June 10, 2009: "Diego Valdez was killed...when his l991 Dodge drifted off the road and struck a tree...(CHP Officer) Owens said... Valdez was wearing a seatbelt and shoulder harness, he collided head on with a tree at an unknown speed, sustaining fatal injuries as a result of the impact". Based on our research, if Valdez was going over 45 mph when he hit the tree, he would have been crushed to death. If he was going under 45 mph he would have been killed by his seatbelt. If he was going 40 mph or less when he hit, he would most likely have survived, had he not been wearing a seatbelt.

Las Vegas Review Journal, January 25, 2009: "...Gonzalez was killed in a single vehicle, roll-over accident...the accident report stated that the left half of the Explorer's roof was crushed inward and the entire roof was buckled and bowed. Gonzalez seatbelt was found partially extended. Gonzalez, who sustained head injuries, died of blunt force trauma". It's the old story - classic rollover - head bashed in when the roof collapsed; seatbelt prevented her from taking evasive action. In this case "seatbelt partially extended"  may indicate that she was trying to avoid the blow. It's a wonder she was able to extend it at all - the seatbelt would have locked in the roll-over. But people have great strength in desperate situations. Had she not been wearing a seatbelt, she would most likely have survived. Her family are suing the Ford Motor Company because the seatbelt didn't save her, "among other things"!

The NHTSA lobbying machine at work. The following excepts are from the results of a Pro-Quest search:

1."Marchetti Memorial Foundation Urges Florida Media to Help as State Legislature Considers Life-Saving Seatbelt Law Changes. Anonymous, U.S. Newswire, Washington, April 24. NHTSA research shows that...." Notice that this press release, which was, supposedly put out by a grieving family in Florida, was actually written by "Anonymous" and released over something claiming to be "U.S. Newswire" in Washington, D.C. Notice that the first word of the press release is "NHTSA".

2. "Marchetti Memorial Foundation Urges Florida Media to Help, as State Legislature Considers Life-Saving Changes. Anonymous, PR Newswire, New York. Copyright PR Newswire Association LLC, April 24, 2009. Tampa, Fla., April 24 /PRNewswire/ Tampa, Fla. - The Katie Marchetti Memorial Foundation is urging news media across the state to lend their editorial support to help pass important changes to Florida's existing safety belt law to save lives and reduce highway injuries. FAILURE OF THE STATE'S LEGISLATORS TO PASS SUCH  LIFE-SAVING MEASURES BY JUNE 30 WILL DEPRIVE FLORIDIANS OF $35.5 MILLION IN FEDERAL FUNDS FOR ROAD IMPROVEMENTS"
The statement pretty much speaks for itself. Notice that this one, also written by "Anonymous", was released by something claiming to be "PR Newswire" out of New York.

It is simply too nauseating for words. Exploiting the grief of the Marchetti family (assuming they are genuine) to force this blood-soaked scam on the people of Florida.  It is NHTSA which is responsible for this.

The story  in the Orlando Sentinel of May 4, 2009 quoted one Eric Bolton, said to be a spokesman for NHTSA. The falsehoods which Eric Bolton fed to the Sentinel are absolutely breathtaking. ("Seatbelts are the most important safety feature....reduce risk to front seat occupants by 45%....etc.,etc.) It is the classic Big Lie technique of Adolf Hitler, except that it is very difficult to prove in a court of law what a person knew and when he knew it.  So we have to call them falsehoods rather than lies.

Today's amusement for engineers: Visiting the "safety" page of the "Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers"  we are told that they have now decided to put "force limiters" on seatbelts. We know it isn't really funny, but you may as well laugh as cry.

Puzzle A car smashes perpendicularly into a concrete wall at 30 mph. We've never actually seen such an accident but since NHTSA seems to base almost all its design criteria on this scenario, we thought we would use it. A passenger in the vehicle, weighing 150 pounds and restrained by a seatbelt, comes to a stop in one foot. (This is based on NHTSA crash test videos which show about a foot of crush at the front of the vehicle). What would be the force of the seatbelt on the passenger?
Since NHTSA is now pushing "Anton's Law" requiring children up to 8 years old to be placed in booster seats, we offer you an alernative. Instead of an adult passenger, assume it is a child weighing 60 pounds in a booster seat which comes to a stop in one foot. What would be the force of the restraining  straps on the child?

Puzzle answers: The force on the 150 pound passenger would be 4,509 pounds.  The force on the 60 pound child would be 1,804 pounds.  We have posted the solution so you can check the answers for yourself.

Puzzle Answers:

For the complete report on the solution to the puzzle below, click on puzzle2.html or puzzle2.pdf

Puzzle contest: In our previous puzzle, we showed what the booster seat straps would do to a child in a head-on collision. What would the booster seat straps do to a child in a roll-over? In their analysis of a roll-over accident, Yamaguchi, et. al.*, find an angular velocity of 4.89 radians per second when the roof edge strikes the ground after the vehicle has rotated  over 90 degrees. Assuming a typical four-year-old (Anton) in a booster seat in the vehicle, with what force would the child's neck be driven into the edge of the shoulder belt?
*Yamaguchi, G.T., et. al., "Development of a Computational Method to Predict Occupant Motions  and Neck Loads During Rollovers" SAE Technical Paper Series, 2005-01-0300; Biomechanics 2005 (SP-1929); Presented at the SAE 2005 World Congress, Detroit, Michigan, April 11-14, 2005.

Note to those who want to use the police to force seatbelts on the American people. If you dont know the answer to this puzzle, maybe you shouldn't be pontificating about seatbelts.

Puzzle No. 3: It takes a high degree of centrifugal force to cause a 4,000 pound SUV to roll over. If a vehicle occupant, such as a child in a booster seat, is tied to the vehicle, then that occupant, too, would experience a high degree of centrifugal force. What would be the force on a child in a booster seat during the first 90 degrees of an SUV rollover?

Solution to Puzzle No. 3: The graph on the left shows the force on a child sitting on the inside of the rotation for rollovers at speeds ranging from 59 to 95 fps (40 to 65 mph). The discontinuity in the solution indicates a vault. The graph on the right shows the direction of the force in the transverse plane: omega is the angle in radians which the force makes with the perpendicular to the side of the car; a negative value indicates that the force component perpendicular to the seat is downward -i.e., towards the seat, and a positive value indicates that the force component is upward - that is, away from the seat and against the straps. Notice that when the force is highest,   just before vault, all the force is directed against the straps.


For the full report, click on one of the following links: puzzlesol3.pdf  puzzlesol3.htm    puzzlesol3.doc (Note: this is a 55 page report).

Legislative news: We have moved most of the 2009 legislative news to leg2009

Attention, activists: If your state does not have a primary seatbelt law, check your state budget bills. NHTSA is trying to get legislators to slip primary seatbelt laws into state budget bills, hoping they won't get noticed among all the pages of fine print, or, if they do get noticed, hoping that they won't get taken out. This is a rule violation in most states, since legislation is generally not allowed in appropriation bills.

Fatal car crash pictures. For years we had to do a lot of work to find pictures of fatal car crashes (see our picture gallery and the pictures further down on this page). No more. Now you can find scores of pictures of fatal car crashes on youtube, under such titles as "World's worst car crashes", "Super insane car crashes", "Deadly car crashes", Horrible car crashes", etc., etc.. Contrary to what the titles imply, this is what most fatal car crashes look like. The FARS data base tells us that that the average car involved in a fatal crash was travelling at 56 mph and the average car involved in a fatal head-on collision was travelling at 66 mph. Collisions at these speeds are enough to reduce most cars to scrap and to crush the occupants to death.

Seatbelts = death: Fayetteville Observer, 3/19/09. "...Williams was driving... when his SUV plunged into the Lumber river. His two passengers drowned. ...(they) were wearing seatbelts and were unable to escape."

No seatbelts  = minor injuries: Boston Herald, 3/23/09. "...two car crash.... travelling in close proximity at a high rate of speed (drag racing)...lost control at the same time and crashed into several trees...Dias, in front seat (of one of the cars) was killed. Neither Brandon nor his two passengers (in the other car) were wearing seatbelts. All three were treated for minor injuries and released." (Note: They do not say if Dias was wearing a seatbelt which means he probably was).

No seatbelts = minor injuries: "Jane (Clark)...hit a lamp post with such force that she knocked it over and overturned her small car.....She ruined the car but crawled out with nothing more serious than some ugly bruises". From "Kenneth Clark" by Meryle Secrest, page 88. (The car she was driving, a Wolseley Hornet, was not equipped with seatbelts).

Seatbelts kill: Toronto Star, March 16, 2009: "Total Horror:  ...Police yesterday recovered the bodies of Carolyn Bray and Joeline Robinson from the lake...The pair were riding in a two seat utility vehicle... carrying Robinson's niece in the back.... Bray's cart hit a pressure crack in the ice and went under. Jeni Robinson managed to jumpoff the back but Bray and Joelin, belted in and unable to free themselves as they were swallowed up by the frigid water, disappeared under the ice."

Seatbelts worthless: San Francisco Chronicle, October 16, 2008. "... the vehicle veered off the road, crossed a 30 foot shoulder, hopped an 18 inch embankment, and tumbled down more than 600 feet in darkness....The next morning rescuers found the three men, their seatbelts fastened, inside the vehicle. They were dead. The Jeep (Cherokee) was "rolled up to a ball" (Officer) Covello said. The cause of death for all three was blunt force trauma. An unsafe speed for conditions was a likely factor in the incident, (Officer) Covello said."

Seatbelts worthless: Daily Press (Virginia), December 30, 2008. "Owen Walter Carter.....driving a 2002 Chevrolet...ran off the road and struck a tree. (Police Sgt.) Cotten said Carter died at the scene. He was wearing a seatbelt".

Seatbelts?: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, March 22, 2008: "Two men were killed in a violent crash on Route 22...State police...said...Charles Maines...was driving "in a careless an unattentive manner". He lost control of his car...crossed over into oncoming traffic, striking a...minivan driven by Gerald A Wilson...Both men were trapped in their vehicles and (their bodies) had to be extricated by hydraulic equipment."

Ejected?: Western Morning News, Plymouth (UK) October 18, 2008. "Andrew Kelly received fatal injuries when his car and two others were in a collision...Emergency services battled for nearly two hours to free Mr. Kelly from the car". (Note: If he'd been "ejected" he might have lived.)

These are not exceptional cases. This is how most fatal automobile accidents happen.